• 2021-08-17   Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM
  • Address: Mukono, Kayunga Road Sinda, Kabimbiri, Mukono District.

Welcome to Mt. Horeb International Christian School

Welcome to Mt Horeb International Christian School. We are a small Christian weekly boarding school for children who are 10 years and above. Being a small school allows us to have a much more affordable tuition than most boarding schools. We also can work with each student, one on one! Smaller schools may not be a great fit for everyone, but some children really do benefit from being in a smaller school. With the rapid changes in our society, it’s becoming harder and harder to live a clean, Godly life. Internet technology opens many doors to entertainment and activities boys can easily access, and blur the line between what is right, and what is wrong. At Mt Horeb your child will have the opportunity to focus on what’s important in life. Our goal for children enrolled at Mt Horeb is to help them become Godly, upright young adults. We believe that a consistent daily living schedule can help your child learn to make the right decisions. Some children simply need to learn the love of Christ. Some need a more concentrated effort on getting caught up in school. Some need to learn the importance of respecting others and themselves. And some just need a change of environment separated from the negative impact of internet addictions, and harmful relationships. Whatever your case may be, please give us a call. We can discuss whether or not your child would be a good fit into our school. If your child is not a good fit, we will refer you to some other schools.

  • Vision

    To be recognized as a life giving school, for developing children into upright Godly influential young people who will positively impact their society.

  • Christian Emphasis

    Mt.Horeb International Christian School is a Christian school. For us, this means that the board members and teachers are committed Christians and that our teachers approach their work with the belief that all students are created in the image of God, that each is uniquely endowed with creative and intellectual potential and inherently valuable. Moral and ethical values such as honesty, integrity, compassion and justice are an important part of the holistic education students will receive. Bible teaching is integrated into the curriculum and students attend weekly chapels. All students regardless of their faith background are treated with dignity, love and respect.

    The school is independent and not affiliated with any denomination.

    Download our Statement of Faith here.(statement of faith in about us section)

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    Admissions: Tel: (+256) 393612209 / (+256) 772999994 Email: admin@mthoreb-ics.com

  • Mission

    Partnering with parents to train our children to be disciples for Christ through excellence in spiritual, academic, social and physical instruction.

    • we provide the opportunity for a quality education with Christian values and strive for excellence in academic, social and physical development.
    • As every student is designed by God for a specific purpose in this life, we seek to assist parents in molding character and training Godly leaders, who will make an impact on the people they touch for Jesus Christ.

  • Who We Are

    We are a Life-prep boarding school for Children in grades 6–12 .

    5-day boarding: Return home for the majority of weekends, except during designated campus event on weekends.

    Mt Horeb is a school where boys and girls strengthen their faith, build their character, learn to lead, and realize their full potential. The Mt Horeb graduate goes on to be a leader in his home, his church, and his community.

  • Who We Are Not

    Mt. Horeb is not a reform school.
    Mt Horeb is not a one-year fix.
    Mt. Horeb is not a punishment or a replacement for parental involvement.

  • Our Focus
    1. Develop Life Skill
      Your child will be receiving in-person instruction and experiential education that will prepare
      them for lifelong success.
    2. Growth with Godly Principles – The philosophy of the program we use is built on basic principles of the Word of God. Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character
    3. Individualization – Every child is able to learn at his own pace
    4. Certification to university-Exit strategy – Mt. Horeb is pleased to provide for students a recognized level of accreditation that is both regional and international in its scope.

Activities at Mt. Horeb

A brief tour on some our activities carried out at our school.

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With Experience of Over 12 years in Christian Education

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Mr. Lwayaya  Berlin


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