The Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum is a unique program that emphasizes Biblical Principles along with Strong Academic Skills and is driven by motivated individuals who enthusiastically support parents in their effort to nurture their children into responsible members of a dynamic society. This curriculum has been used in more than 140 countries worldwide with tremendous results as its graduates have been accepted in different universities both nationally and even in the diaspora.

ACE recognizes that each child has a unique learning style with individual abilities, talents and has developed a learning approach that accommodates learners’ individual capability allowing the student to work at a pace that ensures mastery of study concepts while instilling Godly insights and character.



Every child is able to learn at his own PACE.

Mastery learning

Each child progresses only when he is academically prepared for the next step.

Character building

More than 60 character traits with definitions and scripture are well illustrated throughout each level of the curriculum.

Leadership training

Students’ and Educators’ Conventions are held to present new ways to organize, develop and motivate school staff and students.

Diagnostic testing
A new student is given diagnostic tests to determine his educational performance level and identify and prescribe the curriculum for any learning gaps, providing a holistic perspective on education.

Life Prep Program
Our School Program also includes:
» Team building activities
» Regional & International Student conventions where students compete in art, music, platform, sports, and academic contests
» A life skill workshop called the Life Prep Programme where we engage the learners in different skills of trade like carpentry, painting, plumbing among others that the leaner can utilize later on in life whether as a source of income or just being a helpful member of the communities, they will be part of outside school.
» Missions & Community Work

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