Financial Commitment

It is important that parents fulfill their financial commitments to the school faithfully and promptly for the effective support and implementation of the programme. Paying your tuition on time eases the planning and procurement process of study material and therefore allows us to make sure the students’ learning process is free from inconveniences. For a clear understanding of your financial commitment, please refer to the following table.

Please note that in accordance with ACE® policy, completed PACEs are not permitted to be given to students or to parents, but are kept securely by the school and destroyed after each semester.

1Diagnostic fee 1100,000 UGXOne-time payment
2Admission fee 2100 USDOne-time payment
3Association fee100,000 UGXAnnual payment made at the
beginning of the year.
4Caution fee 3100 USDOne-time payment
5Tuition fees 41,300 USDPaid each semester
6Clubs and extra-curricular20 to 60 USD


First time parent1, 558 USD
Term 11,329 USD
Term 21,300 USD
Term 31, 300 USD
  1. The Diagnostic Test is a compulsory requirement of enrollment to determine the student’s proper grade level placing, as well as any learning gaps, for each core curriculum subject. It is not an entrance test, and is usually conducted after registration.
  2. Diagnostic Fee must be paid prior to testing. A student already using the ACE® curriculum may be excused.
  3. Inclusive of one set of desk flags and a document file.
  4. Caution fee is an insurance fee for if the learner damages or destroys school property and is fully refundable to the parent upon departure from our school provided that the learner has not damaged any property and the parent provides a two months’ notice prior to departure.
  5. Tuition fees cover the procurement, shipping and use of curriculum PACEs and classroom learning aids.
  6. Uniform is purchased from the uniform office.