Mt.Horeb International Christian School is an independent, non-profit organization committed to integrity, transparency and accountability in its governance and operations. The members of the school’s Board of Directors and the Mt.Horeb School Board are Christians with a shared vision for extending God’s kingdom in Kampala by providing an excellent education.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are the legal custodians of the company and bear ultimate responsibility for the school. They safeguard the long-term academic quality and Christian foundation of the school by appointing the School Board and by approving changes to the school’s mission and annual audit.

School Board

Mt.Horeb International Christian School Board is appointed by the Board of Directors to implement the mission, vision and values of the school by developing school policies and a comprehensive strategic development plan, by supporting the school administration, overseeing school assets and by attending to its own professional growth.


All lead teachers employed by Mt. Horeb are certified to teach and have been trained on the administration of the ACE Curriculum.